DEA Black Retreat 2016

Around The World Adventures || DEA BLACK RETREAT BALI

Here is a video I produced of our recent DEA Black retreat held in Bali where I got to spend a full week masterminding (and having loads of fun) with some of the most influential and incredible entrepreneurs from all areas of the globe :)There is nothing more powerful than masterminding with people who not only inspire you, but who challenge you to become the best version of yourself.To be honest, I wouldn’t be half the person I am today if I wasn’t surrounded by these entrepreneurs who have not only taught me so much but who have inspired me to break out of my shell, find my own voice and become a leader in my own right :)Sending out so much love to the SFM/DEA community! I hope you enjoy this video 🙂 #DEABlackRetreat #SixFigureMentors #Bali #MastermindGerard Hall Sandrine Hecq Christopher Hall Jay Kubassek Justin Woolf Mark Ford Raul Fernandez Jc Fernandez Katya Sieker Anthony Sieker Trish Pattison John Newman John Jackson Greg Fiona Scott Stephanie Morris Marco Gonzalez Garry Gould Sanjay Chhabra Jade Elizabeth Smith Tracey Smith Greg Kim Popwell Timothy Low Theodora Keramidas Bill Keramidas Thia Lydie

Publiée par Merr Watson sur Mardi 28 juin 2016